• Feb. 2015 Acts of Kindness Week

    Feb. 2015 Acts of Kindness Week

    February 10-13 Student Council will be promoting "Acts of Kindness".
    What would it be like if everyone went out of their way to show kindness?
    Showing Kindness Week at McKinley
    2/10 Tuesday "Good Manners Day." Good Manners can show someone that you appreciate them. Saying please and thank you shows a tremendous amount of kindness and respect to others. If someone helps you today or you need help, please remember to say "please" and "thank you."

    2/11 Wednesday - Wear Blue! "Write a Note to a friend, teacher or staff member here at McKinley Day". Write a note to someone and tell them thank you for being kind to you. Tell them what you are thankful for. You don't have to stop at one note.

    2/12 Thursday - Wear Purple! "Meet Someone New Day". Walk up to someone you don't know at school and say "Hello." Introduce yourself to someone. Say, "Hello, My name is ________________, (fill in your name) what is your name?" Then tell them is was "Nice to meet you."

    2/13 Friday - Wear Red! "Smile and Greet Someone day." A smile can go a long way. Look for someone who really looks like they could use a smile or a little cheering up. Go out of your way to smile at someone. Say good morning, or hello to someone and give them a big smile. When you arrive at school, say good morning to everyone you walk by and give them a big smile. When you go to recess, smile and say hello, even if its someone you don't know!

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