An assessment that replaces the CST/STAR exam, combined with the EAP test, which is taken on a computer. The scores are performanced based and will be computer adaptive, which means students are challenged with questions beyond their abilities.  The test gets harder if studnets answer questions correctly and easier if they answer incorrectly – it adjusts to each students’ knowledge.  Students may get questions not covered in the classroom – that’s ok!  We are all in this together to BE THE BEST AT GETTING BETTER!  There are a variety of questions on the assessment: selected response, short constructed response, and extended constructed response.



    All 11th grade students



    April 16 through May 29, 2015  


    How Long?

    To avoid over-exertion, students will test in 2 hour blocks.



    Various labs on campus



    To assess student knowledge of Language Arts and Math, as well as critical thinking, logic, and key skills needed upon entering the workforce and/or college.



    Scores will be released in the summer and will fall on a range between approximately 2000 and 3000 (read more).


    Prepare for the Test

    To become better prepared, students will take an Interim test in March, which will take approximately 2 hours total.