11th-12th IB Language A1
    To achieve both a good grade and high scores on your IB assessments you MUST read the texts carefully.
    Cursory and quick reads will result in superficial understanding and limited ability to produce analytical essays, participate in meaningful discussions, or write with knowledge.
    Note: Most of the information regarding authorial technique & symbolism can be found on my personal blog under Symbols & More Symbols and Rock Your Writing

    To receive REMIND text messages: Send text to phone  81010  ( or try 760-389-4112 ) Enter class code @iblangar  


    Syllabus, Rubrics & Related Resources:
    Writing Handbook: Guide to Academic Writing
    IOC Rubric : Individual Oral COMMENTARY  12th grade
    NOTE: Updated ( almost) daily!!! Deadlines for  assignments are subject to change---it's difficult to determine just how far we will get on a given day. Often I need to reteach concepts or there's a school event that shortens class time. If there is a change I will send a Remind text.
    Print. Leave room for annotating & note taking. Do not alter document's font size.
    2nd semester
    How has you understanding  of the cultural and contextual ( thematic and/or authorial techniques ) considerations
    in the work developed through the discussions?
    Formal Essay Reminders: Formal essay reminders 
    Formal essay topics Excel file Formal essay topics
    April 7: Paradise of the Blind check test
     April 6:  Essay
    April 5: Reflective statement
    April 4: Review Kafka On the Shore and the benefits  of outlining before writing your essay
    March 25: meeting in PLC 
    March 8-24   analysis of Kafka on the Shore 
    March 7:
    • check test for Kafka on the Shore
    • Effi Briest the Movie due 
    • existentialism  powerpoint
    March 4: timed write for Effi Briest
    March 3;write  reflective statement for  Effi Briest 
    March 2: example of reflective statement 
    The Movie project   DUE   MARCH 7
    Feb  5--March 4: Effi Briest analysis and group work on Effi: The Movie
     Jan 12--Feb 5
     Jan 11: IOP's 
    Dec 16-18:
    • FINAL on movie analysis
    • watching your Literary videos 
     Dec 15: move analysis
     Dec 14: Movie analysis.
     Dec 11:
    • IOP rubric & tips
    • individual meetings about essay
     Dec 10: District benchmark exam
     Dec 9: novel reading and  individual meetings about essay
     Dec 8: whole class timed write analysis/explanation
    Literary Terms Video Literary  devices video due DEC 14
     Nov 30--Dec 7:
    • Individual meetings concerning essays
    • read an interesting book 
    Nov 23-27: Thanksgiving break
    Nov 18: 
     Nov 17: 
     Nov 16: IOP PowerPoint
    Nov 13: Persepolis Timed Write 
    Nov 9-12:
    • small group presentation of analysis 
    • vocab 10 quiz 
    Nov 6: small group analysis of panels 
    Nov 5: continuation  of assignment 
    Nov 4: 3 layers of a symbol & theme & graphic repsresentation
    Nov 3: Healthy Children survey
    Nov 2: symbols  & themes in Fahrenheit 451
    • Vocab 12 quiz
    • symbols in Fahrenheit 451 
     Oct 30:
    • District vision & hearing screening 
    • 2nd panel analysis
    Oct 29:
    • The art of deduction; 2 Sherlock clips
    • analysis of 2nd panel 
     Oct 28: NO SCHOOL
    Oct 27: Persepolis check test 
    Oct 26: Understanding Comic PowerPoint
    Oct 23: Speech test & essay
    Oct 22; Reagan speech analysis
    Oct 19-21: Compare & contrast speeches: Group essay
    Oct 20: Vocab 8 quiz 
    Oct 16:
    • listen to MLK and Malcolm X speeches
    Oct 15: MLK, "I Have a Dream" speech
    Oct 14: PSAT; no class
    Oct 13: JFK's speech. Students annotate & outline essay.
    Oct 12:  JFK's inaugural address, Flore's annotates
     Oct 9: group timed write. Must be complete by end of period. If finished, begin reading JFK's Inaugural address
    Oct 8: group timed write 
    Oct 7: WASC & EOS survey in media center 
     Oct 6:Group commentary 1st three pages of  FDR's "State of the Union" speech
     Oct 5:
    • vocab 7  
    • "State of the Union" analysis
     Oct 2: watch/listen to FDR's "State of the Union" Jan 6, 1942 speech
    Oct 1:
    • Turn in "Their Finest Hour" chart 
    • Bring copy of FDR's State of the Union speech 
    Sep 30: "Their Finest hour" chart 
    Sep 29: In pairs, work on "Their Finest Hour" chart.Their Finest Hour task
    Sep 28:
    • Check test "Their Finest Hour"
    • finish presentations
    • vocab 6 quiz 
    • PRINT and bring to class: "Their Finest Hour" chart
    Sep 24: minimum day. Read "Their Finest Hour" by Winston Churchill
    Sep 23 & 24:  Counseling appointments 
    Sep 21:
    • "Man in the Arena" analysis 
    • vocab quiz 5
    • vocab 6 
    Sep 18: CAS presentation. Information and PowerPoint available on my CAS page or Mrs. Noe's. 
    Sep 17
    • "Citizens in a Republic" presentations
    Sep 16:
    • "Citizens in a Republic" presentations
    • 11th vocab 5 ( Quiz on 9-21 )
    Sep 15: continue working on "Citizens in a Republic" 
    Sep 14: continue working on "Citizens in a Republic"  
    Sep 11:
    Rhetorical terms PowerPoint
    "Citizenship in a Republic" analysis 
    Sep 10
    • Rhetoric PowerPoint 
    Sep 9:
    • "Man in the Arena" speech check test 
    • vocab 4 quiz
    • begin Rhetoric PowerPoint 
    Sept 4: commentary practice DUE
    Sep 3: commentary practice
     Sept 2: commentary practice
     Sept 1: commentary practice
    Aug 31:
    • commentary practice. p 141
    • vocab 3 quiz
    • vocab 
     Aug 28: no school for students!!!
    Aug 27: How to write a commentary. How to write a commentary
    Aug 26: 11th grade rules assembly
    Aug 25; sub ( MYP meeting) 
    • part 2 of Shackleton video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txZCHgwyGrE
    Aug 24:
    • vocab 2 quiz
    • vocab 2
    • symbolism of dogs
    • kinds of endurance displayed by the crew 
    Aug 21:
    Aug 20;
    • passage analysis 3rd paragraph, 1st page
    • importance/signifigance of numbers
    • symbolism of ice 
     Aug 19:
    • Recreating Shackleton's voyage video
    • Shackleton characterization 
    Aug 18:
    • Sea lion & penguin clips
    • structure of Endurance: how, why, & thesis statement 
    Aug 17: 
     traits of a leader discussion & notes for  IOP topics, personal statement, and Endurance
    HOMEWORK: bring in results of both leadership online quizzes 
    • http://psychology.about.com/library/quiz/bl-leadershipquizbc.htm
    •  http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_50.htm
    Aug 14:
    • vocabulary quiz 1
    • GRIT TED video
    •  Tony Robbins TED, talk
    Homework: Take the following quizzes and bring results to class on TUESDAY. 10 pts 
    •   http://psychology.about.com/library/quiz/bl-leadershipquizbc.htm
    •  http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_50.htm
    Aug 13: The DP Program Demystified PowerPoint
    Aug 12: 
    • Bring Endurance 
    • Endurance check test 
    • vocabulary 1
    • making folders
    Aug 11/ First day of school: Bring Printed Syllabus with signatures
    summer assignment: Read Endurance: Shackletons's Incredible Voyage to the Antarctic & complete 11th summer assignment