• Third Grade Supply List

    Third Grade Supplies List   

    Welcome to 3rd Grade! As we prepare to embark on this exciting adventure, here are some items we recommend for your student. Additional supplies that will help out our classroom and support our learning environment can be brought throughout the school year. Thank you very much for your support! 


    Quantity Items Description

    1 Standard size plastic pencil box 8” x 5”

    4 Post-it pads Size 3x3            

    24 Pencils #2 lead with erasers

    2 packs Pencil Top Erasers - Any brand/color

    2 packs Crayons 3 pkg. - 24 count ONLY

    1 pack Colored Pencils 1 pkg. - 24 count; sharpened

    2 packs Highlighters 5-pack skinny multicolored (yellow, blue, green, orange, pink)

    12 Glue sticks Regular size (not Dollar Tree – they dry out)

    3 Sharpie Permanent Marker Sharpie - black

    3 Fine tip black marker Papermate Flair brand please

    4 Dry erase markers Expo Chisel or Bullet tip; Black ONLY

    1 Backpack No rolling backpacks please!

    2 Ream of white copy paper Any brand

    1 Ream of lined paper Wide ruled

    3 Box of Kleenex Any brand

    1 Scissors Student safe/Round tip

    1 Clorox Wipes 1 tub


    Please note that most of these supplies will be kept at school for in-class use. You may want to consider getting a few supplies at home to use for homework. A small  “homework kit” with #2  pencils, mini pencil sharpener, crayons, colored pencils, wide-ruled paper, ruler, scissors, and of course glue.

    Also, since during this time of year stores offer great deals on school supplies, we recommend getting extras and saving them at home for later in the year.

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Last Modified on June 7, 2018