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    Instructions to access Raz Kids online.

    1.    Go to http://www.raz-kids.com

    2.   Click on Log-in

    3.   Username: Type in “jgonzales3" for Mrs. Gonzales'class

    4.   Click on your name

    5.   Password: Type in your student id. number (lunch number)

    6.   Click on the ear to listen to the story

    7.   Click on the eye to read the story (students need to read the story independently)

    8.   Click on the question mark to take a comprehension test (students need to take the test independently). If they do not pass they can go back and reread the story and take the test again.

    9.   Then read the next book.


    *** After students read and complete all the comprehension tests at their level, they will automatically progress to the next level. All checkmarks under the question mark need to be green in order to progress to the next level. The green checkmark means your child has achieved reading comprehension proficiency within their current level!!! The purple checkmark means the books has been passed at the basic level and the program will not progress until all checkmarks in the current section are green. Students can ALWAYS go back to reread and retake comprehension tests. Check out the Raz Rocket after obtaining star points from listening, reading, and testing. Have fun!!!!

    Raz Kids Reading is now your child’s assigned reading homework. They should spend 20 minutes reading every day. We will monitor students’ reading progress each week.

    Remember, the more your child reads, the better reader he or she will become!

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