•  Please spend a few minutes daily to engage in a genuine conversation with your student. 

    Learning to express one's thoughts in complete sentences is an important standard in TK. 
    Tue. 1/26/16:  You've been sorting the animals after each presentation into 3 categories:  carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore.  Tell me what each category means.
    Mon. 1/25/16:  Let's play I Spy for objects that begin with the /r/ sound.
    Fri. 1/22/16: What is the setting in Two Cool Coyotes?
    Thur:  1/21/16:  You read a story called Two Cool Coyotes today.  Can you tell me about the main characters and what they like to do? 
    Wed. 1/20/16:  Let's play the opposite game.  I say a word, and you have to give me the opposite word. 
    Tue. 1/19:  Describe the desert.
    Thur. 1/7/16:  You learned about the understory layer of the jungle today.  How is the understory different from the canopy?
    Wed. 1/6/16:  You're learning about the jungle in class.  Tell me about the 4 layers of the jungle.
    Tues. 1/5/16:  You started a new unit in class today.  What is it called?  What will you be learning about? 
    Mon.  1/4/16:  Let's play I Spy for objects that begin with the hard /g/ sound as in green.
    Wed. 12/16/16:  What suggestions did your audience give you on how to make your play the most awesome ever!
    Tues. 12/15/16:  You had your first play performance in front of an audience.  How did you feel?
    Mon. 12/14/15:  How does milk get to the store for you to buy?
    Thur. 12/10/15:  You've been talking about farm animals and what they're used for.  I'm going to say a food and you tell me where it comes from.
    Wed.  12/9/15:  You did experiments to see how the shape of an object affects how fast it moves.  Tell me how you did the experiment and what results did you find?
    Tuesday 12/8/15:  We talked about 3D solid shapes today.  How are solid shapes different from flat shapes?  What can you do with solid shapes that you can't do with flat shapes?
    Monday. 12/7/15:  let's play I spy for objects that have an x in their name.
    Thur.  12/3/15:  Let's be silly and play a wacky rhyming game.  Touch an object, say its name and as many rhymes that aren't real words as we can.
    Wed.  12/2/15:  You read a story called Otis in class today.  What is the problem in the story?  What is the solution or how did the problem get fixed?
    Tue. 12/1/15:  You worked on the iPAD for the first time today.  What did you do?
    Mon. 11/30/15:  Let's play I Spy for objects that begin with the /n/ sound.
    Thur. 11/19/15:  Your class is putting on a play.  What needs to be done if you want to have a successful show?  What will you do to help your class succeed?
    Wed.  11/18/15:  What animals do farmers raise?  Why do farmers need each animal?
    Thur. 11/12/15:  Describe how Fall is different from Summer.  What can you do in Fall that you couldn't really do in the summer? 
    Thur.  11/5/15:  In the story you read at school today, Grace and her mom planted a vegetable garden that grew ugly vegetables. How did Grace feel about her about her garden at the beginning and at the end of the story?  Why did she feel that way?
    Wed.  11/4/15:  You've been learning about different types of communities: urban areas with big cities, suburban areas with houses in neighborhoods, and rural areas with farms in the countryside.  Which community do we live in? 
    Tue. 11/3/15: Let's play I Spy for objects that begin with the /k/ sound. 
    Monday:  11/2/15:  Ms. Buu gave you red bracelets to wear for Red Ribbon Week.  What does wearing that red ribbon mean?
    Tue. 10/27/15:  Mia's parent came to talk about their jobs today.  Can you tell me about their presentation.
    Mon. 10/26/15:  What did your friends do during their vacation?
    Thur. 9/24/15:  Which food group is your favorite?  Why do you like that food group the most?
    Wed. 9/23/15:  How many types of community workers can you name?  What do they do?
    Tue. 9/22/15:  Let's play I Spy for objects that begin with the /d/ sound.  
    Mon. 9/21/15:  Can you tell me 3 things you learned from our guest presenter, Miss Avani, the dentist?
    Fri.  9/178/15:  Where might we find a bridge?  Can you think of 4 different places?  Why would we need a bridge at these places?
    Thur.  9/17/15:  How do you feel when you have to do something that is hard?  Reinforce the idea that it is actually a good thing to have to put effort into learning something new.  Practice and effort are important parts of learning and developing our intelligence.  We want to foster the growth mindset in our students (and ourselves.)
    Wed. 9/16/15:  Let's look at tonight's dinner.  Which food groups are we eating from?  Grain (Carbohydrate), Vegetable, Fruit, Milk (Dairy), Protein, Sweet Treat, Junk Food.
    Tue. 9/15/15:  What is in our community?  Where does our family go in our community?  Why do we go there?
    Monday 9/14/15:  Let's play I Spy for objects that begin with the /j/ sound.
    Friday 9/11/15:  Let's brainstorm all the different words we can use to describe this week's weather.  Let's write them down to see how many we come up with.  You can bring the list to class on Monday to share your brainstorm.
    Thur. 9/10/15:  How many syllables are in the names of your family members?  Who has the most/least syllables?  How many syllables are there in everyone's name altogether?
    Wed.  9/9/15:  We have been listening to our friends present their family projects.  We all have families, and our families may have/do things that are the same and things that are different.  How are families the same and different?
     Tue. 9/8/15:  Let's play I Spy for objects that begin with the /p/ sound.
    Thur. 9/3/15:  Being aware of when you need help is part of growing up.  Don't be afraid to ask for help from grown-ups when you need it.  What might you need help with right now because you are too young to do it on your own?  How would you ask for help?
    Wed.  9/2/15:  Blue Crayon needs our help.  He's been overused and is now too short and stubby.  He can't even see over the top of the crayon box.  How can we solve Blue Crayon's problem?
    Tues.  9/1/15:  What do you and your family do together for fun?
    Mon. 8/31/15:  Let's play I Spy for objects that begin with the short /i/.
    Thur. 8/27/15:  Reagan Wranglers are encouraging to others.  How have you encouraged someone today?
    Wed 8/25/15:  Shapes are so much fun.  when shapes come together, they make meat, useful things.  Let's see if we can find objects that are made from a combination of shapes.  Circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon.
    Tues. 8/24/15: Do you have a chore at home?  Describe your chore and how it helps your family.
    Mon.  8/24/15:  Let's play I Spy for objects that begin with the /s/ sound.
    Fri. 8/21/15:  If you had to go to see your pediatrician, how would you feel?  Why would you feel that way?
    Thur. 8/20/15:  Reagan Wranglers are determined.  We set a goal and keep trying until we reach our goal. What is something you want to do but can't yet?  Let's be determined and keep working towards it. 
    Wed. 8/19/15: Let's act out opposite pairs.  I'll say a word and you can act out the opposite of that word.  Ex:  empty/full; open/shut; awake/asleep 
    Tue. 8/18/15: Family members care for one another.  When Mommy or Daddy gets sick, what can you do to show that you care?
    Mon.  8/17/15:  Let's Play I Spy for object that begin with the short /a/ sound.  You describe an object for me to guess, and then we'll switch.
    Fri:  8/14/15:  Let's see how many objects we can find that is a compound word.  Ex:  bed+room = bedroom
    Thurs. 8/13/15: Who is in our family?  How is each person related to each other?  Try to use the following words:  brother, sister, siblings, mother, father, parents, husband, wife, married, grandmother, grandfather.
    Please help your student figure out if he/she is the oldest, youngest, or a middle child for tomorrow morning's sort. 
    Wed. 8/12/15:  Let's count the number of legs in our family.  Let's count the number of legs in our house (be creative).
     Tuesday:  8/11/15:  What if there were no unkind words, and we encouraged each other? 
    Mon. 8/10/15:  What if there were no obstacles?  What would you do if you could do anything?
    Fri:  7/30/15  Whose company do you enjoy?
    Thur: 7/29/2015:  Reagan Wranglers practice being resilient.  Describe one way you can practice being resilient.
    Wed. 7/29/2015:  When a friend is sad, what are some things you can do to help him/her feel better?
    Tues. 7/28/15:  Let's play I Spy for objects that begin with the /b/ sound.  You can describe an object for me to guess, and then we'll switch roles.
    Mon. 7/27/15:  You started rotations today.  Tell me how rotations work.  
                              What did you do during rotations this time?
    Fri. 7/24/15:  Reagan Wranglers always try to be positive.  Describe 3 ways you can be positive at school and/or at home.
    Thur. 7/23/15:  What are some ways to make a new friend?
    Wed. 7/22/15:  The Reagan Rally begins with "We are Reagan Wranglers.  We ride with pride."
                                           Describe a time when you had pride or felt proud of yourself.  
                               Is that a feeling you like to have.  Why? 
    Tue. 7/21/15:  I wonder what is the most comfortable place for you?  Why is it so comfortable?
    Mon. 7/20/15:  Let's play I Spy for objects that begin with the short o sound around the house. You can describe objects for me to guess and then we can switch roles.
    Fri. 7/17/15:  Describe 3 things about you that makes you special.
    Thurs. 7/16/2015  Let's listen for sounds around the house.  I'll close my eyes, and you make a sound by moving something.  I'll guess the sound.  Then we'll switch roles.  Now, I'll make the sound for you to guess.
    Wed. 7/15/15:  Does trying new foods make you nervous or excited?  Why?
    Tue. 7/14/15:  Which center(s) did you go to during Center Time today?  What did you do there?
    Monday 7/13/15:  Let's play I Spy and try to find objects that begin with the /m/ sound in our house.  
                                  Then you can describe the objects for me to guess.
    Fri. 7/10/15: You met your big buddy from 5th grade today.  Can you tell me a little about him/her?  
                         What did you do with your big buddy?
    Thur. 7/9/15:  Be Respectful is our second classroom guideline.  
                           Describe three ways you can be respectful to your teachers, classmates, and school.
    Wed. 7/8/15:  What is the name of 1 new friend in your class?
                           What do you and your friend like to do together? 
    Tuesday, 7/7/15:   One of our classroom guidelines is to Be Friendly.  
                                  Can you describe three ways to be nice and friendly. 
    Monday, July 6:  What is your teacher's name?  Tell me three things about her.