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    Oral Presentations

    Dear Parents, 

    In first grade each child will have the opportunity to share once a week.  There is also a sharing topic list for the year.  The children are assigned a day to share each week as follows.

     Monday   Tuesday   WednesdayThursday Friday 
     Isabella Kenneth Manolo Donovan Chloe
     Olivia Kaiden Brittney Melisa Kaleb
     Zachary Natalie Jacob Pedro Kelly
     Emma Leighton Annette Sofia S. Cole  
     Colton Benjamin Emiliano Scarlett 
     Levi Brayden Lucca Abigail 
     Audrey Madison Gavin Sophia T. 

    Please help the students organize what they will say.  They need to talk about the topic and give 2-3 details about their topic.  They will be graded on preparation, communication, eye contact, and clearly speaking.


    Oral Presentation Rubric 

    Each area is scored as follows:

    5= Outstanding

    3= Acceptable

    1= Needs Improvement

     Name: _________________________________

     Topic: ________________________________

          Preparation:                       _________

          Communication:                _________

          Eye Contact:                      _________

          Voice:                                 _________

          Total:                                 __________ 

    Example of an Oral Presentation from Ms. Gorman's previous first grade class