•  Oral Presentation Topics

    Week 1      Share All About Me book (read it to the class)

    Week 2      Free Choice  

    Week 3      Describe someone or a pet in your family

    Week 4      Shapes – bring in an item or items and describe the shape.

    Week 5      Discuss why it is important not to bully other kids

    Week 6      Favorite stuffed animal

    Week 7      Favorite subject in school

    Week 8      Tell about and describe your favorite wild animal

    Week 9      Baby photo

    Week 10    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    Week 11     Free Choice

    Week 12    Favorite book

    Week 13    Something shaped like a cube

    Week 14    Favorite toy

    Week 15    Collection of 100 things

    Week 16    Something you made or created

    Week 17    Ways you can make the world a better place

    Week 18    Free Choice

    Week 19    Your favorite birthday celebration

    Week 20    A hobby or something you do for fun

    Week 21    Tell us about your favorite trip or vacation

    Week 22    Favorite animal

    Week 23    Free Choice

    Week 24    Favorite cartoon character

    Week 25    Tell about your favorite 1st grade memory

    Week 26    Liquid, Solid or Gas

    Week 27    Free Choice

    Week 28     Tell or show something about your favorite sport