• Supply List

    Organization is a key component for success in school. We are suggesting that your child have his/her own three-ring binder to carry materials to and from school. We would appreciate your assistance by donating the following materials for your child:  

    1. three-ring binder with 1½ to 2 inch metal rings 

    2. subject dividers (Your child will need 4 or 5 subject dividers for his/her binder.)

    3. 4 spiral notebooks (70 sheets wide rule)

    4. wide rule filler paper (Your child will need this paper for work throughout the year.)

    5. 1 ream white Xerox paper (We will be using this paper to copy worksheets, letters,  and other materials for the class.)

    6. 4 glue sticks

    7. dry-erase markers (2 or more)

    8. small erasers

    9. 1 highlighter

    10. 1 red pen

    11. pencils (Your child will need #2 pencils throughout the year.)

    12. 1 ruler (millimeters and inches)

    13. scissors

    14. zippered pencil pouch to be placed in the binder


    The following items would be helpful:

    1. pencil sharpener with case

    2. colored pencils and crayons

    3. three-hole paper punch for three-ring binder

    4. mini stapler

    5. Webster’s Dictionary (Your child should have a dictionary to use at home and school.)

    Your child should bring these items to school by Friday, August 21. We will be organizing our binders in class on that day. A homework calendar will be placed at the front of the binder. Your child will be responsible for recording class and homework assignments, reports, projects, tests, and other important events on the calendar.

    Thank you for your help in preparing your child for academic success. If you have any questions, please write us a note or call (951) 736-4640.


    Cesar Chavez Fourth Grade Team