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Eisenhower Elementary School is  using a computer software program called Renaissance Place at school. This program has a

special feature called Renaissance Home Connect. Renaissance Home Connect is a fun, easy-to-use,

easy-to-understand web-based interface that allows students, parents, and the teacher to share in the

educational experience by viewing progress in certain Renaissance Place programs while outside of




You can view Renaissance Home Connect from any computer with an Internet connection using

these browsers:

• Internet Explorer® 6.02 or later

• Firefox® 1.5 or later

• Safari™ 2.0.3 or later


To access your child’s information you will need:

User Name: (this is your child’s student/lunch number)

Password: (this is your child’s first and last initial)


To log in to Renaissance Home Connect



In Renaissance Home Connect you can also:

• Click Email Setup to sign up to receive emails showing your student's quiz or test results

• Click Help to get answers to your questions about Renaissance Home Connect
Last Modified on September 3, 2010
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