• Parts of a Step Up to Writing paragraph:

    Topic Sentence- (introduces what the paragraph is about)

    Reasons, facts, details, and examples to support the topic
    Conclusion Sentence- (refers back to the topic sentence)


    Example of a Step Up to Writing paragraph:

     Topic Sentence: Bats are very interesting animals. 1st Detail: First of all, bats are mammals. Example: They have fur on their back. Example: They have babies that are born alive. 2nd Detail: Second, bats come in many different sizes. Example: The biggest bat has a wing span as big as a man. Example: The smallest bat is the size of your thumb. Conclusion Sentence: As you can see, bats are fascinating creatures.

    Examples of transitional words (Details)                     Examples of conclusion words

    First, Second, Third                                                           In conclusion

    First, Next, Then                                                               As you can see

    First of all, Next, The last                                                   Clearly

    One example, Next example                                              All in all

    One way, Another way                                                     For these reasons

    One reason, Another reason                                             Obviously