• 4th Grade Classical Book Reports

    Your child will be required to complete 6 written book reports, and 2 signature slips by the end of the year in order to receive the Classical Reading Ribbon.  Due dates are typically on Friday’s. Essential forms will be sent home 3-4 weeks ahead of time. Handouts of all the reports are at the bottom of this page. All reports must be from the Classical Reading List, and the signature slips can be from a free choice book 100 pages or more, or from a book on the classical book list. I keep a record of books chosen for reports. Please ensure your child is not reading the same book for more than 1 report. Duplicate reports will not be accepted 

    Tentative Book Report Schedule

    1. Summary Report                              August  31st   

    2. Hamburger Report                           September 22nd 

    3. Letter to the Author                         October 20th  

    4.  Signature Slip                                 November 17th 

    5. Cereal Box Report                            February 2nd  

    6. Classical Report                               March 2nd                                                                                                                                          

    7. Biography                                         April 13th 

    8. Signature Slip                                    May 15th

     In order to earn the Classical Reading Ribbon, ALL reports need to be completed and turned in on time. Reports over three days late will not be accepted.  If a student has an excused absence on the due date, then they will have the equivalent number of days missed to make up the assignment.  

    Book Report Forms