• First graders are expected to learn 85 sight words this year. Each trimester, words are tested for the district assessment and count towards the reading grade on report cards. Students must read the words without sounding them out within 3 seconds.

    First Trimester:

    List F: away, live, find, once, two, here, jump, one, too, who

    List G: what, where, call, eat, every, first, funny, many, never, some

    List H: come, down, know, their, walk, would, write, your, could, fly, give

    Second Trimester:

    List I: how, long, more, our, over, so, these, out, show, there, big

    List J: get, ran, did, has, now, again, any, or, under, very, want

    List K: let, run, will, from, just, must, stop, about, saw, were

    Third Trimester:

    List L: gave, if, made, make, may, old, take, then, well, after, around

    List M: open, pretty, which, sleep, thank, them, use, went, when, help

    List N: into, ask, came, please, new, ate, going, ride, think

    Sight Words List A-E

    Sight Words List F-N

    Sight Words List O-X