2016-2017 School Year
  • First of all, congratulations leadership students on an election speech assembly that was first rate.

    Candidates, you all prepared thoughtful, focused, and student-minded speeches and your delivery of the information was well done.

    The other leadership students who either introduced candidates, shared office requirements, or open/closed the assembly also did a fantastic job. You spoke slowly and clearly and knew just when it was your time to be at the podium.



    On the 2nd of September speeches were presented and students voted. However with sspeeches running up close to the dismissal bell there was some confusion with many not voting and ballots not being monitored as closely as needed. To be fair, on Tuesday the 6th of September all middle school students were allowed to recast his/her vote or vote for the first time during seventh period. Mrs. McDonnell distributed and collected all ballots. They votes were tallied once again and the results can be seen below.

    Competition was tight and not everyone can win. Those who did not win were disappointed as expected but our community will remain strong and united as the entire leadership class is dedicated to creating and promoting a fun-filled year with all student interests being heard. The officers are the "go-to" person but we all work together and support each other whether one holds a position or not. Thanks for the awesome assembly behavior C.C.A. and see you tomorrow.


    7th Grades

    Treasurer- Emily Arrey             Vice President- Jaeden Johnson

    Secretary- Julianna Garcia        President- Giselle De La Torre


    8th Grade

    Treasurer- Valerie Butz               Vice President- Joshua Patterson

    Secretary- Abigail Montesinos       President-    Jeremiah Gallardo (2nd Term)