• Homework for October 2nd

    Math Investigation 3.1 Packet for Unit 1 due (PM class only) and Circle Map on Sumer and Persia due Friday




    Math Journal Links

    Unit 1:

    Investigation 3

    Problem 3.1

    Problem 3.2

    Problem 3.3

    Problem 3.4

    Investigation 4

    Problem 4.1

    Problem 4.2

    Problem 4.3


    Investigation 4


    Unit 2: 

    Investigation 1

    Problem 1.1

    Problem 1.2

    Problem 1.3

    Problem 1.4

    Problem 1.5

    Investigation 2





    Policy for Unfinished Work

    When we track back on, there will be a renewed focus making students complete their work and put forth their best effort.  Occasionally homework will be given out to specific students because they did not stay on task when we were going over important concepts in class.  I will be sending out targeted mass emails to the parents of those students when it is required.  As a grade level we do not give out that much homework , but the underlying assumption there is that when students are in class, they are making 100% effort to understand and complete assignments.