AVID Application Process


    How to Apply for AVID

    There is an application process for students who are interested in joining the AVID program at Centennial. Since AVID is a 4-year commitment and AVID students are expected to work hard and set high goals for themselves, AVID students must themselves want to join the program. They are, however, encouraged to talk to their parents before applying since parent support is essential to student sucess in AVID.

    2016 CNUSD Recruitment Presentation


    Steps for applying to AVID:

    1. Read, complete, and print AVID application (student and parent signature are required). If student attends Centennial or any CNUSD school, grades can be printed from Student Connect or Parent Connect.

    2. Current Centennial students can bring completed AVID application to Mrs. Roberts in room 425. Students from other schools can return completed AVID application to the Centennial front office.

    3. Mrs. Roberts will contact student to schedule an interview. Make sure that contact information is complete and ledgible.

    4. Go to scheduled interview.

    5. Students will be notified of their acceptance by Mrs. Roberts. Contact Mrs. Roberts for more information in room 425, at (951)739-5670 x20425, or at jlroberts@cnusd.k12.ca.us .


    AVID Applications

    Intermediate School Application - for students currently in 8th grade who plan to attend Centennial as a 9th grader.

    Intermediate School AVID Application

    High School Application - for current high school students (9th and 10th grade) who wish to join AVID next year.

    High School AVID Application


Last Modified on January 28, 2016