• Name and identify at least 13 capital and 13 lower case letters

      -Flash cards, books, magazines, road signs, grocery store, CD’s (Jumpstart and Leap Frog)


    • Recognize and identify the letters in their first name in print as you randomly point to them on a piece of paper

      -Stick notes around the house


    • Reinforce correct letter formation  


    • Write their first name correctly with the first letter capitalized

      and the others lower case


    • Identify numbers 1 through 10 randomly

      -Card games, dice games, and board games like Trouble and Hi-Ho Cherrio


    • Recognize the difference between letters and numbers

    • Identify the four basic shapes                                                          

    • Cut straight lines, circles, and other simple shapes


    • Recognize basic colors - red, yellow, blue, green, purple, black, white, orange, pink, and brown


    • Recite familiar nursery rhymes


    • Work on tying his/her shoe