• HL IB students: You must write 500-600 words about Le petit Nicolas plus a 150 word rationale that explans why you chose to write about the book and why you chose the format you did. We will work on your preamble next week. The important thing is to get the text done.

    SL IB sudents: You must write 300-400 words (plus a 100 word rationale) after you choose one of the articles I have provided to write about OR find 3 of around 300-400 words each that are based on the following categories:

    communication and media (Possible aspects to study include advertising, bias in media, censorship, the internet, press, radio and television, sensationalism in media, telephone, written and voice mail)

    global issues (Possible aspects to study include drugs, energy reserves, food and water, climate change, natural disasters, globalization, migration, pandemics, poverty and famine, racism, prejudice and discrimination, the effect of man on nature, the environment and sustainability.)

    Social relationships (Possible aspects to study include language and identity, linguistic dominance, minorities, multilingualism, nationalism, patriotism and fanaticism, relationships, religious and non-religious celebrations, social and political structures and groups, social behaviors and stances, taboos and what is socially acceptable.)


    Examples of written assignments could be writing a new ending to a novel, interviewing a character, or a diary entry by one of the characters in a story or play.


    SL IB: Here are the articles that I have available for you. Please note that in most cases, the pdfs have all 3 articles on one page.  However, for Amitié, and Le divorce, they are separate files and you will have to click on each one individually

    Amitié 1Amitié 2Amitié 3

    Divorce 1, Divorce 2, Divorce 3

    L’image des femmes dans les medias

    Securité sur internet

    Le telephone cellulaire et l’école



    You may write in any of the following types of formats: 

    • Article
    • Blog/diary entry
    • Brochure, leaflet, flyer, pamphlet, advertisement
    • Essay
    • Interview
    • Introduction to debate, speech, talk, presentation
    • News report
    • Official report
    • Review
    • Set of instructions, guidelines
    • Written correspondence (e-mail, formal letter, etc)

    This site will give you sample formats to use.  Click here.

    Example of a rationale:

    J’ai lu trois textes: un premier texte était (un article) sur ——, un deuxième texte est un —– —— sur —— et enfin, un troisième texte est un —- sur ——.  J’ai choisi le type de texte que je voulais écrire: c’est un ——, car il me semble qu’il est absolument parfait pour le thème qui m’intéresse: ——.  Avant de commencer à écrire, j’ai pensé à organiser mon texte. J’ai décidé d’écrire trois paragraphes. Premièrement — , puis — et —–. Mon but était de montrer que d’abord et ensuite —- que —-.

    This is an example. You can shorten/change it if you wish as long as you mention: type of text, topic, your 3 paragraphs, your goal.