• Discipline

    Conduct grades are as follows:

    • O  Outstanding
    • S  Satisfactory
    • N  Needs Improvement
    • U  Unsatisfactory

    Students are expected to follow all school rules outlined in the CNUSD Student/Parent Handbook and the El Cerrito Middle School Handbook.
    Disrespectful attitudes, gestures of obscenities and expressions of profanities made by students to their peers or to the adults are not allowed. 

    Unacceptable Campus Activities:
    When a campus activity involves any physical contact or aimless chasing with other students, it usually encourages retaliation and other unacceptable behavior.  Therefore, it cannot be accepted as safe for students to play.  Riding skateboards or scooters or roller blades is not allowed on school grounds.

    Personal Items:
    Knives, sharp objects, cartridges, fireworks, play/real guns or any other questionable personal items are NOT permitted on the campus or at school and could result in student expulsion.  The school cannot be responsible for valuable personal objects such as jewelry, sports equipment, scooters, skateboards, etc. These items should be left at home.

    Assertive Discipline Guidelines:


    • Will result in 1-5 days of suspension.  Referred for counseling and conflict mediation.