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     9th Grade Math Placement FAQ's
    Q: Is the Snapshot considered the pre-test that is mentioned on the survey or is there a separate test? 
    A: No, the snapshot is used to identify students eligible for the honors-level course: Integrated Math 1 Enhanced. There is a different pre-test students must take in the summer if a part of this program to skip Integrated Math 1.
    Q: What are the times and dates for the courses? 
    A: Courses will be available in two-week sessions between June 13-24 and June 27-July 8 with options for morning classes (7:45 a.m. to 10:55 a.m.), afternoon classes (11:30 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.), and online. Online courses may also be available July 11-22 depending on need. All courses will take place at one of the high school summer school sites: Corona High School, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, and Santiago High School.
    Q: If a student chooses to take the classes online, are the classes teacher-led or are students allowed to go at their own pace?
    A: They may go at their own pace, as long as they complete the course within the two-week period.
    Q: Will the course be graded?
    A: Teachers will give students a score for the course, but the student will not receive a report card nor will the course be listed on a transcript for credit. A passing score is earned when a student achieves 75% or better.
    Q: Is a grade the only way my student can gain admission into the Integrated 2 course?
    A: There are multiple methods. The student can test-out of the program and go straight to Math 2 at three potential points:
    • If they score “exceeds standards” on the pre-test and already know the content, they do not need to take the course.
    • If they pass the course with 75% or better, they do not need to take the post-test.
    • If they score “meets standards” or “exceeds standards” on the post-test, they can go directly to Math 2.
    There are multiple supports embedded in the process, all to the benefit of the student. Please refer to the flowchart
    Q: Will the classes be held at CFIS or at a different location?
    A: For traditional-track and A-track students, in-person courses will be offered at Corona High School, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, and Santiago High School. CFIS students on other tracks may take online or in-person courses June 27-July 8.
    Q: How do I register?
    A: Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis beginning Wednesday, May 4th. Parents are encouraged to complete online registration by clicking here to request a space for their student. We will attempt to honor requests for placement within the preferred two-week window and scheduling preference. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee first choice of placement.

    View Summer School Guidelines for additional information.