12th IB
    Print EVERY ONE out. Full size. You will be annotating them 
    list of students, topics, and supervisors EE subject & supervisor class of 2017 
    >>>>>> EXTENDED ESSAY DUE OCTOBER 31ST!  <<<<<< 

    1. The candidate name or number should not appear on any of the pages of the extended essay including the title page.

    2. The essay should be formatted as follows where possible: – using Arial font – font size 12 – double-spaced – numbered pages.

    3. The extended essay should be saved as an acceptable file type: – DOC – DOCX – PDF – RTF.

    4. The extended essay should be saved in an acceptable file size of no more than 10MB, which still allows for high-quality images.

    5. All diagrams, maps and tables must be digitally produced, where possible, to prevent excessive file sizes when included as part of the essay.

    6. Appendices must be used sparingly. Examiners are not required to read appendices, so material essential to the essay must always be included in the body of the essay (including large images) and any material in the appendix should be minimal and selected with care. World studies extended essay candidates are still encouraged to produce a researcher’s reflection space (RSS), and this should be included as an appendix.

    8. Irrespective of the subject, the extended essay should be modelled on an academic journal/research paper, which can exist and be understood on its own, without the need to access external links or accompanying material such as DVDs. There is no requirement for the examiner to refer to any material that is not included in the extended essay itself when assessing the work.

    9. Receiving an electronic version of an extended essay will make it easier for examiners to gauge at which point an essay has reached 4,000 words. Candidates must be reminded of the penalty for exceeding the word count or circumventing it using footnotes incorrectly (for anything other than referencing).


    Great Traits list of words to describe your fabulosity ( yeh, I made up that word )
     Dec 7; Handout   IOC task
    Dec 6: In groups of no more than 4,  write a story using 50 of you vocabulary words. No listing the words! Highlight and number words. Turn in at end of period. This is your final!
     Dec 5:  Watch. Harlem Renaissance music of the 20s avi.        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nhm8wQvQZeo
    Dec 2:
    •  Read wiki article on Langston Hughes
    • Create a study guide about important events/things for IOC.
    • Read alone on phone.
    • May create study guide in small groups
     Dec 1: A Symbols Review day! Read/download 'Symbols & Context'  ( above ) on website, OK to use phone or school computer. 
    Oct 29- Nov 1;: analytical Macbeth presentations
    Oct 25-26: Macbeth movie 
    Oct 6- 24:  Macbeth 
    Oct 5:  TRACKS essay. TRACKS essay questions 
    Sep 27--Oct 4: vocab 3
    Sep 16--29: TRACKS presentations
    Sep 15:  Chapter one TRACKS student presentation  
    Sep 8- 14
    Sep 7: group projects
    Sep 6:
    • TRACKS Powerpoint  
    • choosing Homecoming K & Q  
    • Skill assessment
    • tracks in TRACKS
     Sep 2: TRACKS powerpoint 
    Sep 1: TRACKS quiz and powerpoint
     Aug 31:
    • Draft of EE submitted to Turn It In
    • Mind floss. Analyzing mechanical pencil
    Aug 29-30
    • vocab 2 quiz
    • work on EE or read TRACKS 
    Aug 26: work on EE or read TRACKS
    Aug 25: work on EE or read TRACKS
    Aug 24: work on EE or read TRACKS
    Aug 23: rules assembly
    Aug 22;
    • Due interview questions. Typed ( single space OK)
    1. your skills
    2. two-three strengths
    3. one weakness
    4. tell me about yourself
    5. frustrating situation
    6. unfair teacher/boss etc
    7. something someone did you disliked sitution
    8. leader you admire 
    • work on Abstract OR EE or UC questions OR read Tracks   
    Aug 19: finish Interview Powerpoint 
    Aug 18:
    • finish Interview Powerpoint
    • work on EE abstract 
    Aug 17: interview questions 
    Aug 16:
    • review 3 skills 
    • strengths & weaknesses
    Aug 15: 3skills
    • Interview do's and don'ts
    • 3 skills ( homework for Tuesday )
    Aug 12:
    • passed out EE progress check list
    • College and job interview techniques
     Aug 11:  Personal statements
    Aug 10:
      EE requirements review