8:25-8:35 Opening:  Good morning songs, Flag salute; phonemic awareness, letters, sight words, skills practice. Family Learning Fridays 8:25-8:55


    8:35-8:50 Interactive Read Aloud: The students and I interact conversationally during a story  while working on reading comprehension skills such as prediction, clarification, retell and monitoring as well as author, illustrator, and parts of a book. I teach reading behaviors I expect to see them using in independent reading.


    8:50-9:05 Shared Reading: Reading instruction where my voice is present in the reading along with theirs. I teach reading behaviors I expect to see them using in independent reading.


    9:05-9:15 Independent Reading: Students read independently. They may choose to read around       the room, our shared reading charts, our interactive writing, from the library or from their book boxes


    9:15-9:30 Interactive Writing: The students and I negotiate text and share the pen in writing. Our walls in the classroom are filled with student generated, negotiated, and written text. This writing is then used as a resource in their independent writing. I teach writing behaviors I expect to see them using in independent writing.


    9:30-9:45 Independent Writing: Students write independently in their journals. I expect them to write sentences with sight words they know and to phonetically spell words they don’t know. I expect them to use words in the room that we have read or written.


    9:45-9:55 RECESS


    9:55-10:50       Literacy Centers/Guided Reading/Intervention: The students work independently on center activities that practice skills and standards already taught. During this time I pull reading groups and intervention groups


    10:50-11:20  Math: Math concepts are taught through read alouds, interactive writing and shared reading. The students are given time for hands-on practice.          


    11:20-11:59  AM/PM Overlap: ELD/Acceleration/Intervention/Science/Social Studies


    11:59-12:19 Home: 11:19 EVERY WEDNESDAY/EARLY RELEASE DAY!!!

    ~Order of elements is subject to change according to purpose