Oral Presentations
    Dear Parents,
    In first grade each child will have the opportunity to share once a week.
    Oral Presentation Topics: Please see classroom newsletter.
    Every week I will post the presentation for the current week as well as the week to follow to ensure all students have enough time to practice.
    Presentation Schedule:






     Malia  Payton Samantha  Andrew   Blake
     Alex  Bryan Magnus   Kiara Roy 
     Aiden  Liana  Christian  Neala  Alessandro
     Gabriel  Elijah  Jackson  Lana  Kylee
     Jillian  Scarlett  Mathew Kate   Leah
      Jacob   Saray  Jaylee
    Please help you child organize and prepare what they will say. 
     Expectations:  Students will be graded on:
    •  Introduce their topic
    • Give 2-3 details
    • Conclude
    • preparation
    • communication
    • eye contact
    • speaking clearly
    Please see a sample oral presentation in the link below. 

    Oral Presentation Rubric 

    Each area is scored as follows:

    5= Outstanding

    3= Acceptable

    1= Needs Improvement

     Name: _________________________________

     Topic: ________________________________

          Preparation:                       _________

          Communication:                _________

          Eye Contact:                      _________

          Voice:                                 _________

          Total:                                 __________