• Homework

    • Homework will be assigned on Fridays should be returned the following Thursday. This allows the parents to work with their children over the weekends where there is more time.
    • A sticker will be placed for completed homework that is returned on Thursdays.
    • When the students pass a sight word lists or a math facts ,that information will be marked on the homework binder. Please leave all the papers in the homework binder. The weekly homework letter may remain at home, and the completed homework can be returned in the front pocket of the folder.

    Guidelines for homework:

    Reading comprehension:  Please have your child stop every few pages to retell what they have read to focus on comprehension.  Check for any unknown words to increase vocabulary skills. Ask your child questions about what they read, including, "why" to increase critical thinking skills.  They will be asked to cite evidence from the text.

    Written language:  Please have your child re-read what they write to check to see if it makes sense and for capitalization and punctuation.  Stories should have a title, topic sentence, at least three details, first, next and last and a concluding sentence.

    Math:  We are working on place value and addition and subtraction concepts.  Please use flash cards, quiz your child on addition and subtraction facts, practice counting forward and backwards, identifying place value, writing numbers to 120 and skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. Students will be asked to explain how they got their answer.