• Box Tops, Box Tops, Box Tops!!!!! I give $20.00 per Box Top collected that can go toward auction items and treasure box.


    Parents-I would love for some parent help this year.  I would like kids to do reading groups with parents.  If you are interested, please let me know.  All parents that come in to help will be working with kids.  


    Yoga-This year I would like to incorporate Yoga into the classroom.  A couple local Yoga teachers have already said they would be willing to come in and teach my kids.  


    Parents if you have a special talent, please let me know and we can see how we can have you share your talent with the class.  


    We will be going to the San Zoo this year some time in March.  The cost is $25.00 per child and $10.00 for an adult.  

    5th Grade Theme is Be212.  Your child will know what this means the first week of school.  Our 5th grade shirt will cost $10.00.  If your child wears it every Thursday, just think about what a cheap school shirt that is! :)

    100 Mile Club is an optional club, however, if your child is in my class, I am going to tell you they are most likely to reach 100+ miles in the school year. Last year, I had a boy reach over 150 miles. The cost is $10.00. The new color this year is red.  You can check out the website

    @ www.100mileclub.com. Hopefully your child will meet the founder this year too. Please consider this!