Student Planner, Stay Organized, Homework

  • Student Planner

    Stay Organized



    Students are expected to

    • Copy homework daily.
    • On Mondays, students take a pretest of their spelling words and fix their incorrectly spelled words.  Throughout the week, students will practice their spelling words by writing sentences and quizzing their neighbors.  It is expected too that words are studied at home prior to Friday's spelling test.

    Daily Homework:

      • Read approximately 15-20 minutes daily
      • Unfinished work
      • record behavior
      • Turn in completed assignments to the correct bin (ELA, Math, Science/Social Studies, Other) 

    Occassionally homework will differ, especially if we have big projects in class.  Big projects are done primarily in class; however, at times, students will need to complete partial tasks at home.


    Parents, it is expected that you

    • provide a quiet area for your child to complete homework 
    • review work with your child
    • initial the planner
    • communicate to me any questions or concerns


    Loss of Fun Friday results if classwork and homework is not turned in on the prescribed due date.   Loss of recess results if classwork and/or homework is still incomplete the following Monday.