• Supplies/Items Needed For PE

    • PE shirt ($15) and shorts ($10)
    • PE sweatshirt ($20) and sweatpants ($20) in cold weather (optional)
    • laced- up athletic shoes and socks to be left in your PE locker
    • stick deodorant (no sprays will be allowed!)
    • Plastic report folder with pockets and prongs(metal fasteners)...mandatory...this will be used all year!!!Image result for plastic report folder with fasteners and pencil pouch
    • pencil pouch with 3 punched holes to be put into the plastic report folder to include:
      1. Sheet protectors with three hole punch
      2. lead pencils 
      3. erasers
      4. small pencil sharpener
      5. college ruled lined paper
      6. multi-colored highlighters
      7. colored pencils
      8. mini stapler
    • yoga matt
    • workout towel
    • water bottle


    I have read the PE supplies/items list above and understand that these items will be required in class.

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