All About the Teacher
    Hi, my name is Olivia Ponce-Smith, and I am so
    excited to be your child's Third Grade Teacher.    I'm looking forward
    to a great year!
    My life is pretty busy and fun all the time.  I have
    three beautiful daughters Sapphire, 18, Talia, 5, and
    Tatiana, 3.  I grew up in East Los Angeles, and most
    of my family still lives in Los Angeles County. 
    However, my husband and I currently live in Corona,
    so there is a good chance you may run in to me when
    you are out shopping. We frequent most of the local
    restaurants and shops.   Because I do live in the
    area, please let me know if your child is participating
    in any special event such as a sport or even a
    birthday party.  I would love to join you, if possible.

    Bachelor  of Arts from the  University of Southern California

    Master of Science in Educational Leadership from California
    State University, Fullerton

    Multiple Subject Credential (BCLAD, Spanish)
    Preliminary Administrative Credential