5th Grade Leadership Points

  • Complete the "Jedi Training" to earn entrance to the first Jedi Trials (reward day).


    Each day students can earn 5 points for:

    1. Attendance (on time)

    2. Homework on time and complete 

    3.  Good Behavior

    4.  Class Effort and Participation

    5.  Classwork Completed 


    If you are absent, you must turn in your homework/classwork the day after you return.  

    If no homework is assigned, students will automatically be given a point.  (For example: Mondays)

    You can not earn back points for attendance/behavior if you are absent.  


    Students need to earn 125-135 points by September 21st to attend the 1st "Jedi Trials" REWARD DAY! 


    You can check the status of their points on the class dojo.  Class dojo parent codes will be sent home the first week.  If you need another copy of the code, contact Mrs. Vanderweerd