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    Fall Semester 2017

    Mr. Katykhin


    Welcome to Pre Calculus!  Pre Calculus is a course designed for college-bound students who plan to major in the sciences, engineering, computers, architecture, mathematics, business, psychology or any other math related field.  Precalculus combines the trigonometric, geometric and algebraic concepts needed to prepare students for the study of Calculus, and strengthens students’ conceptual understanding of problems and mathematical reasoning and solving problems:

    ·         Functions and Their Graphs              

    ·         Polynomial and Rational Functions

    ·         Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    ·         Trigonometric Functions of Real Numbers

    ·         Trigonometric Functions of Angles

    ·         Complex Numbers

    ·         Inverse Functions


    ·         Analytic Trigonometry

    ·         Polar Coordinates and Vectors

    ·         Matrices

    ·         Systems of Equations and Inequalities

    ·         Analytic Geometry

    ·         Sequences and Series


    Supplies needed to be brought to each class meeting:

    ·         TEXTBOOK – Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus (Stewart, Redlin, Watson) on BLOCK DAYS.

    ·         Composition book

    ·         Graph Paper

    ·         Graphing Calculator (TI-83, TI-84, TI-84 Plus)

    ·         Pencils – bring at least 2 sharpened



    ·         Completion of homework/classwork assignments is vital to your success.

    ·         Mathematics requires much practice and repetition to be fully understood. 

    ·         Assignments will be given each day and will be turned in the next class meeting for credit.

    ·         All homework should be:


    •            turned in on time – half credit for late work!
    •            completed on notebook or graph paper, in pencil, with all necessary work and diagrams shown neatly.
    •            turned in with your name, date, period, section #, and page and problems assigned.


    ·         Each homework assignment will be worth 5 points.  Points are awarded based on the above criteria.

    ·         If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain the missing assignments and make sure they are completed and turned in for credit.  Any work due the day you were absent, is due the day you return.  Make-up work must be turned in no later than one class meeting after the day you return.


    Test Make-up:

    ·         If you are absent on a test date, a make-up test will be given on the day of return.

    ·         If the absence is an extended one, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with me to set a test make-up date and schedule for missed assignments.  Tests must be made up within one week.



    No re-test will be offered if you keep up with your homework and study your notes, re-tests should not be necessary; however, at the end of the SEMESTER the lowest test grade will be dropped (unless the score is a 0 for cheating).



    Extra Assistance:

    If you are having difficulty with the curriculum and need additional help, I will usually be available for tutoring Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in room C105 from 7:05 a.m. to 7:40 a.m. Tutoring days are subject to change. The weekly tutoring schedule will be posted on my front white board each week. Students will be notified if tutoring becomes available after school.  


    Grading Policy:

    The following types of assessment will be utilized and weighted in the following manner.

    ·         Tests/Quizzes                                                                                                                         80%

    ·         Homework/Classwork                                                                                                      15%

    ·         Personal Points (being on-time, bring book, work in class)                               5%

    (Each student starts with 100 points, 5 point deductions will be taken for infractions such as cell phones, tardies, excessive restroom passes, not working on Pre-Calculus until end of period, etc)

    Grading Scale:

    Grades will be assigned based on the following scale:

    A         90-100%

    B         80-89%

    C         70-79%

    D         60-69%

    F          less than 60%


    Grades on Q:

    You will be able to check your grade on the Internet throughout the year on the Q website. I will update these grades about every week or so. Call the school for information on signing into Q.


    Classroom Guidelines:

    ·         Be in assigned seat ready to work when tardy bell rings.  Tardies will lower citizenship marks. No “socializing” during lectures.

    ·         No profanity, put-downs, or other disrespectful behavior to teacher or classmates.

    ·         No food or beverages other than water is allowed in class. Cell phones and other electronic devices should be put away and tuned off.


    Note to Parents/Guardians:

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You may reach me by e-mail:  skatykhin@cnusd.k12.ca.us.  Please be aware that your student may not switch classes after 20 days due to undesired grades.



    Please Initial, Sign and Return as your 1st assignment of the Year.


    Please read and initial the following:





    1)    If you struggle with tests, please come in for extra assistance BEFORE the day of the exam to become more comfortable with the material and practice.





    2)    If you have a history of not doing the vast majority of your assignments, you will struggle in Pre-Calculus.





    3)    If you had to re-take tests last year to improve your grade, you should come in for assistance prior to the exam date for prior practice.





    4)    You need to come in for extra help as soon as possible - do not wait until the morning of the exam.





    5)    Do not wait for progress reports to come home, please check Q at least once a week for grades and attendance tardiness/absences.





    6)    Contact the registrar’s office if you do not already have access to Q





    7)    Be sure the registrar’s office has your current email address in order to receive grade update notifications.





    8)    Homework assignment sheets are given to students and posted in the classroom.





    9)    Please email me at skatykhin@cnusd.k12.ca.us for questions.





    10) Most colleges will revoke your acceptance letter if you don’t pass both semesters with a “C” or higher.






    Student LAST Name (print):_________________________________________

    Student FIRST Name (print):_________________________________________

    Student Signature:________________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Name (print):_______________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature:_________________________________________

    Home Number: (        )____________________    Cell/Work Number: (        )_________________