• 1st Homework Assignment- Students/Parents Sign Up For Remind

    This assignment is due the next time I see you in class

    o   Periods 1,3,5- Due Thursday 8/10/17

    o   Periods 2,4,6- Due Friday 8/11/17

    Teacher Contact Information   

    The majority of class communication will be done through Remind, which is a texting app that I use for communication.  It will be required that each student who has a phone as well as parents/guardians sign up/subscribe (free) for this service.   Any texts that you receive will be solely from me.  This app allows me to push out information to all students at one time and respond to you in real time. I will use it for  homework, test reminders, project timelines, student praise, etc... 

    This will be your student's first homework assignment in my class.  You can find the directions for subscription below or in their junior high planner, which will be given to the them on the first day of school.

    Please subscribe to the service by:

    1.  Opening up a text message

    2.  Where you type a phone number, type  81010

    3.  In the message field, type   @toddpe   and then send the text

    4.  You will receive a text back from the app asking you for your name

    5.  Send a text back that states your students full name and who you are:  

    •  Example:  
      • Parents/Guardians will type the first and last name of their child and which parent/guardian they are-   ChrisColburn’sMom
      • Students will type their first and last name- ChrisColburn

    6.  You are enrolled! 


    Please fill out the information below so that I know each student and parent/guardian read the instructions and signed up for Remind

    Student Name___________________________         Student Signature___________________________

    Parent/Guardian Name_____________________________       Parent/Guardian Signature___________________________