Failing Grades Policy

    Here's what we're doing doing to help:
    • Teachers will update Q at least every 2 weeks
    • Teachers will post their Absent Work Policy and Late Work Policy in their syllabus and on their website
    • Teachers will include specific notes on all report cards specific to each student
    • Teachers will provide regular office hours so students can come in for assistance outside of class time
    • Academic Saturday School is offered to any student who wants a quiet place to work or to seek assistance for any class
    Failure Policy
    • Effective each report card (quarter and semester grades - click here to view dates)
    • Students with 2 or more F's will be placed on the No-Go List and can only be removed once their grades have improved. This is not done to punish, but rather to help motivate students to achieve at least a D in all classes. This will be updated weekly.