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    1. Download the NorcoHS app for free!
    2. Select "No-Go List"
    3. Type in your Student ID number (the reason is listed below)
    Are you on the No-Go List?
    Want to get off the List?
    Go see your admin!

    What is the No-Go List?
    A list of students who have been added due to their failure to serve a disciplinary consequence, owe financial obligations, have not turned in registration forms in a timely manner, or anything else that the school uses as encouragement for students to follow through with responsibility and obligations.
    What does is prevent the students from participating in?
    Any and all school functions that have been deemed a privilege to participate in or attend. Here are just a few examples:
    • Dances
    • Athletic Events
    • Assemblies (excluding the Drug Dog Assembly)
    • Off-Campus Lunch Passes (applies to 11th and 12th graders only)
    • Club Participation 
    • Club-Sponsored Events (such as tailgate parties sponsored by Link Crew)
    • Field Trips
    • Senior Activities
    • Independent Study Requests
    • Any other events/activities 
    How does a student get on the No-Go List?
    Reasons for placing students on the No-Go List vary throughout the year and include a wide range of things from turning in paperwork, to failure to serve Saturday Schools or suspension. Here's a list we've placed students on the No-Go List so far this year:
    • Failure to serve Discipline Saturday School 
      • from a non-serve detention issued by a teacher
      • from a non-serve detention issued by tardies
      • from discipline issued by an admin
      • from truancy
    • Suspension 
    • Failure to turn in registration forms from Fall Registration 
    • Monies owed (e.g. textbooks, uniforms)
    How often is the No-Go List updated?
    This list is updated every Monday.
    How do students know if they are on the No-Go List?
    An email and text will be sent out each Saturday to parents/guardians. A hard copy will be posted inside the main entry gates to the school on the Attendance Office windows by student ID number, along with the reason why they are on the list and what they need to do to get off the No-Go List.
    What if I have a question or there is a mistake?
    Go see Trisha Sanzari in the Admin Hallway for assistance.
    Do students get a refund for a function I bought a ticket for but cannot attend because he or she was placed on the No-Go List?
    No. All sales are final.