Fun Ways to Practice Your Sight Words


    1. Read a story. Count how many sight words you can find. Record the name of the book and number of sight words found.

    2. Use yarn or string to form your words.

    3. See how many times you can write your sight words in 5 minutes.

    4. Write one sentence using each sight word.

    5. Make flash cards. How many words can you read in 3 minutes?

    6. Print the words on someone’s back. Can the person guess the word?

    7. Write words on sticky notes. Match to words you find in your story books.

    8. Paint your words using watercolors or finger-paint.

    9.  Find words in a newspaper or magazine or junk mail, cut out.

    10. Use beans, pasta, rice, or other small objects to form your words.

    11. Write a message to someone using your words.

    12.  Draw and write a story using your words. Read your story to someone.

    13.  Play a game such as Go Fish using your sight words.

    14.  Look for your words in magazines and newspapers and use a highlighter

       to circle the words.

          15. Use magnetic letters and spell your words on cookie sheet.