• What is the policy for making up work due to an absence/early dismissal?

    A day will be given per absence and/or early dismissal.  
    (For example: 1 day absent =1 day for make up, 2 days absent = 
    2 days for make up.)


    All the answers were correct on the worksheet, why were points taken away?

    Students are responsible for the use of proper grammar, correct spelling, 
    punctuation and answering questions in complete sentences on worksheets.  
    Therefore, the mechanics of writing and the ability to write in a complete 
    sentence will be apart of all assignment grades.


    What is the grading scale in your classroom?

             100 - 97   O+                84 - 75     S                         

              96 - 93   O                  74 - 70    S-
              92 - 90   O-                 69 - 65    N+
              89 - 85   S+                 64 - 0      N 

    When will I be informed if my child is falling below grade level?

    All student work that is graded will be apart of your child's 
    overall grade in that subject area.  Graded work that is below 
    an "S" is considered below grade level and needs to be signed by 
    a parent or guardian as a way to keep you informed of your child's 
    progress.  Progress Reports are also sent home during the 7th week 
    of each trimester as a way to further inform you of your child's 


    When will I receive my child's report card?

    Your child will receive a report card at the end of each trimester.  
    The first report card will be handed out during the Parent-Teacher 
    Conference.  The remaining 2 report cards will be sent home the last 
    day of each trimester.  



    How can I help my child with Reading?

    Students are required to read 10 minutes each night.  While reading, 
    remind your child to use the reading strategies he/she has been taught 
    during the school day.  These strategies can be used with all books and should be 
    used nightly as a way to reinforce these important reading concepts.


    How can I help my child with Writing?

    This year students will be learning/reviewing 3 different genres 
    (narrative, persuasive, and explanatory).   Parents can have students write to the 
    genre we are currently working on in class or review one that has already been taught.