If your child is going to miss school for ANY reason, please call the school office at 951-736-4646 or send a note giving the name of your student, the student's teacher, the reason for the absence and the day/date the student(s) will be absent. This procedure will prevent unnecessary calls to the home as all absences must be verified by our office staff for State and District Compliance. 


    Should I Keep My Child Home?: 


     Green Light- Child does attend school with the following:

    -Muscle aches

    -Mild headache

    -Stomach ache without other symptoms

    -Allergy Symptoms

    -Asthma (controlled)


    -Lack of sleep

    -Reluctance to attend due to emotional factor

    -Fever FREE for 24 hours with no medication


    Yellow Light-Child may go to school with the following:

    -Chronic runny nose

    -Lingering cough

    -Mild headache

    -Muscle aches

    -Sore throat without fever

    -Fever at school remains below 100 degrees Fahrenheit but is increasing


    Red Light- Child does not attend school with the following and /or sent home if:

    -Vomit with fever over 100 degrees

    -Two bouts of diarrhea

    -Fever over 100 degrees in the morning/anytime in the day

    -Coughing with fever over 100 degrees

    -Pinkeye with discharge (contact nurse if at school)

    -Untreated ear infection, symptoms of pink eye, impetigo or ringworm (unless area can be covered)

    -Sore throat with fever

    -Rashes (contact nurse if at school when rash is of unknown origin)

    -Vomit no fever but appears ill (not reflux gag or reflux from feeding)


    Red Light- Children sent home or kept home due to red light issues need to stay home for a 24 hour period. 



    All doctor orders need to be up to date for the entire school year at time of school entry.