• 5th Grade Science Project

    Every 5th grader is going to plan, test and report on a science experiment of their choosing. They will use the scientific process to ask a question, make a hypothesis, test, collect data, and write a conclusion about their findings.

    *I will teach the scientific method and give examples in class.

    *The experiment is to be done at home.

    The final product will be a standard 3.5’ x 4’ exhibit board (found at any office supply store) and an oral report of their experiment.

    Timeline:   10/11/17           A written proposal of project

                    10/18/17           Problem & hypothesis (written/oral)

                    10/25/17          Materials & procedure (written/oral)

                    11/29/17           Exhibit boards due

    11/29-12/1/17   Oral presentations

Last Modified on October 2, 2017