• Homework for the Week of 2/26 - 3/22

                                                              *** Raz- Kids and I-ready can be accessed at home. Username and password are the same for both***

    Monday -Spelling Words 3x each

                   Math 10-8

                    Singular and Plural Nouns pg. 5


    Tuesday - Math 10-9

                    Rainbow Words (Or Spell city)

                    Long "E" Vowel Teams pg. 7


    Wednesday - Math pg 605-608

                          Work on Book Report Due Friday

                          Singular and Plural Nouns Pg. 6


    Thurseday  -   Math Worksheet

                           Practice Spelling Test

                           Long "E" Vowel Teams Pg.8




    Spelling List

     1. brief         2. each        3. field         4. fleas       5. need

    6. people      7. seat         8. we            9. wheels   10. where


    Challenge Words

     1. leaf          2. belief        


    Vocabulary Words:



    Important Reminders

    - Next Memory Challnege March 9, Rain

    - Book Report Due March 2

    - Spelling City can be used in replace of spelling homework. Print out proof of completing test/assignment  



    ***Reading is to be done on a nightly basis along with practicing sight words***