• Homework for the Week of 12/11 - 12/15


    Monday- Spelling Words 3x each

                   Math pg. 388- 390

                   Different Kinds of Sentences

    (My Holiday Traditions Due Friday)


    Tuesday- Spelling Rainbow Words

                    Math 7-1

                   Long "A" Worksheet


    Wednesday-  Math 7-2

                          Adjectives pg. 24

                          Use Spelling words in a sentence

    Memory Challenge MICE Due Tomorrow

    (My Holiday Traditions Due Friday)


    Thursday-  Math 7-3

                      Spelling Practice Test

                       Adjectives pg. 25


    Spelling List

    1. brave       2. came        3. game       4. made      5. make

    6. plate        7. right        8. skate        9. start      10. take


    Challenge Words

     1. face     2. labels


    Vocabulary Words:



    Important Reminders!!

    - My Holiday Traditions Due Friday.  Feel free to use actual pictures, glitter, ribbon, etc to decorate your paper. If drawing, please no stick figuers. This is for a grade and will be hung up. Have Fun With it!!!

    http://signup.com/go/jzUnbjN   Class Holiday Party Sign up Link 

    -Next Memory Challenge "MICE" due December 14th

    -Next Book Report Due December 18th

    - Spelling Word Art- Draw a picture then write your spelling words in the picture.




    ***Reading is to be done on a nightly basis along with practicing sight words***