• Homework for the Week of 5/21- 5/25

                                                              *** Raz- Kids and I-ready can be accessed at home. Username and password are the same for both***

    Monday -Spelling Words 3x each

                   Math Even Numbers

                    Taking Care of the Flag


    Tuesday - Math Odd Numbers

                    Spelling ABC Order

                     The Big Boom


    Wednesday - Math even/odd sort

                           Spelling Picture Art


    Thurseday  -   Math Page from book

                           Practice Spelling Test





    Spelling List

     1. said            2. friend        3.was            4. because           5. change

    6. could           7. does          8. different   9. mother           10. father


    Challenge Words

     1. vacation        2. umbrella      


    Vocabulary Words:



    Important Reminders

    - May 23rd  100 Mile Club assembly

    May 25th Lincoln Olympics


    - Spelling City can be used in replace of spelling homework. Print out proof of completing test/assignment  



    ***Reading is to be done on a nightly basis along with practicing sight words***