Week of April 30, 2018
    Monday: Social Studies:  read pgs. 278-285.  Define the 3 yellow highlighted words on these pages.   
     Tuesday: Math: L. 13-6 both sides
                   Spelling:  Write each word 2x in cursive             
    Wednesday: Work on book report
                      Math: L. 13-5
    Thursday: Practice spelling test.  Write any misspelled words 3x.
                    Math: worksheet
    Please note we are testing this week (today and Wed.).  Please be sure your child gets plenty of sleep and has a good breakfast.
     We will test again on Wed. May 9 and Wed. May 16.
    Parents:  Please note that your child should be logging into I-ready 2-3x per week at home and spending approximately 20 minutes each time.  This is a specifically designed intervention program based on your childs needs for reading and math.  We have again practiced logging into this program (as if your child was at home) here in the computer lab.              
    Nightly homework is subject to change and will be up-dated at the end of the day if needed.