Classical Book Report and Memory Challenge Due Dates for 2017-2018.
                                                                        (Please note that due dates may be subject to change)  
         8 Classical Book Report Due Dates:  Sept. 8; Oct. 6; Nov. 3; Dec. 15; Feb.16; Mar. 9; Apr. 13; May 4.   
                                        Please be sure to keep track at home books you are doing book reports on. 
         6 Memory Challenge Due Dates:
                                                              Aug. 24-"Star Spangled Banner" (singing)
                                                               Sept. 21- "The Pledge of Allegiance" (written) 
                                                               Oct. 19-   "The Wind"
                                                               Nov. 16- "Stopping by Woods"
                                                               Feb. 1- "President Lincoln"
                                                               Mar. 1- "U.S. Presidents (Recite in order #1-22)
                                                               Mar. 15- "U.S. Presidents (Recite in order #23-45)
    All Grade Level Memory Challenges can be found on our Lincoln Website!