•  In the class, students will be responsible for designing and creating layouts, taking digital pictures, selecting images, meeting deadlines, writing, and a host of other tasks as they develop.  The Yearbook that we will create is over 100 pages in length, documenting activities and achievements during the 2016-17 school year.  The Yearbook program is web-based, created online using current technology.

    The Yearbook class is a balanced representation of 7th and 8th grade students.  Students chosen for the Yearbook Staff are leaders of the school and role models for other students.  Therefore, certain academic and citizenship standards are required for students to be accepted, and remain active, in the Yearbook class.

    Application Requirements (CLOSED)

    • Request Yearbook on your paper Course Request form.
    • Complete the Elective Registration form on the website.  GO TO Elective Registration Form
    • Complete the application online form and submit. (Found on the Electives Registration and Applications page of this website.)
    • Print and request a Teacher Recommendation from your current teacher.
    • Create your photo layout and submit to Mrs. McGuire