• Student Coursework  

      All incoming ninth grade students will take the following courses:


    1. English 1A/1B
    2. Integrated Math 1 or 2       
    3. Biology 1A/1B
    4. Physical Education
    5. AVID
    6. An elective



    Some important items to note:

    1. Students will have the opportunity to take Language Arts 1A/1B Honors, Integrated Math 1A/1B Enhanced, Integrated Math 2A/2B Enhanced, and Biology 1A/1B Honors. 
    2. Options for electives include Spanish 1 and 2, Yearbook, History of Motion Pictures, Health (a required CNUSD course), and Robotics.  
    3. AVID is a required course for HSOI students. All teachers are AVID trained and feel it is a critical course in order for students to be successful in the learning format of the Hybrid School of Innovation. 
Last Modified on August 26, 2017