During the first five minutes of every period and the last five minutes of every period, absolutely NO HALL PASSES will be distributed.








    Misconduct/ Disruptive / Defiance – Ed Code 48900 (k)

    ·        This is any inappropriate behavior in the classroom that falls into the following range (all offenses may not be listed, but this should provide a general idea of the severity of offense):

    o   Excessive Off-Task Behaviors (Talking out of Turn, Throwing Items, Making Noises, or Other Disruptions)

    o   Lack of Homework or Incomplete Classwork

    o   Out of Seat or the Classroom without Permission

    o   Not Following Teacher's Directions

    o   Gum or Eating in Class

    o   Cell Phone Misuse

    o   Sleeping in Class

    o   Etc.


    Progressive Discipline Procedure for General K Violations:

    o   First Offense:  Warning

    o   Second Offense:  Detention, Parent Contact (email, phone call, detention note sent home, etc.)

    §Students that fail to serve detention will move to the third offense of the Behavior Policy.

    o   Third Offense:  Detention, Parent Contact (email, phone call, detention note sent home, etc.)

    o   Fourth Offense:  Referral to an Administrator, Parent Contact by Administrator

    §At this time, the student may also receive a Saturday School or Two-Day ACP.

    o   Fifth and Future Offenses:  Second Referral to an Administrator, Parent Contact




    ·        Students arriving late to school must receive a tardy pass from the front office.  Students will then report directly to their current class. Failure to do so may result in a Detention or Saturday School.

    ·        For students who arrive tardy, the following discipline procedures will be followed:


    o   Tardy 1: Tardy is recorded and Student is issued a warning.

    o   Tardy 2: Tardy is recorded and Student is issued Behavior Notice.

    o   Tardy 3: Tardy is recorded and Student is issued After School Detention.

    o   Tardy 4: Tardy is recorded and Student is issued After School Detention.

    o   Tardy 5: Tardy is recorded and Student is issued a Referral and Saturday School or ACP.

    o   Further tardy entrances to the same class in the same Semester will result in a referral, at which time the administration will take the action necessary to correct the problem.



    ·         MAJOR OFFENSES such as intoxicants, violence, theft, harassment, bullying, etc.

    o   If a student’s behavior requires immediate removal from class, the teacher may elect to notify the front office that they are sending the student to the office. 

    o   For such defiance or disruption that the teacher feels the safety of others is jeopardized, the teacher will inform security to escort the student to the office. 

    o   A referral is written and consequences are assigned consistent with the behavior, such as Saturday School, Two-Day ACP, Suspension, etc.



    Behavior Issues while Substitute Teachers are Present:

    ·         If a Substitute records a student’s name as a behavior issue during their time at school, an automatic detention will be assigned. 

    ·         If this is a second or third offense, then a Two-Day ACP or Saturday School will be assigned.

    Cell Phone Misuse (use without permission during class):

    ·         First Offense:  Teacher asks student to turn off the phone and place it in their backpack.  Student is warned.

    ·         Second Offense:  Teacher writes a Detention.

    ·         Third Offense:  Teacher writes referral and phone may be confiscated by security. The parent must pick up the phone and the student receives a Two-Day ACP or Saturday School.

    Student ID Cards:

    ·       Students are required to have a valid Identification Card in their possession at all times while at school or attending any school related function.  Failure to follow this rule may result in disciplinary action consistent with those of misconduct.

    Dress Code:

    ·        Students are required to follow the District Policy regarding appropriate attire while at school.