-Works better in low-light conditions
    -Scans Illuminate answer documents faster and with less problems from lighting
    -Uniform throughout district so more support can be provided
    -Less cables on your desk
    -Can annotate the screen or screen capture
    -Higher image quality
    Check out the video below for a step by step demo of each feature of the document camera (The most relevant info starts around 2:20 min. mark)
    (User manual can be found HERE
    1) I can't zoom in far enough.
     Zoom all the way out, and then adjust the camera head to be closer to your document.  Then if it is still needed, use the zoom on the control panel on the computer.
    2) The annotate pen is too thick.
    On the annotate tool bar, select the pen thickness control and make the number smaller.  The default is 8.
    3)  The picture is too grainy.
    Make sure that the camera is zoomed all of the way out, and the actual camera head is moved closer to adjust for any needed zooming, and that fine tuning zooming is used on the control panel.  Hit "auto tune" on the document camera or on the control panel.  Turn on camera light if in low-light conditions.
    4) I want to project what is under the camera, but I want to be able to use my computer also.  How do I do this? 
                 a) Press the “windows” button and “P” key at the same time.
                  b)  Next, a window pops up with a window like this:
     Image result for windows duplicate extend window
                  c) Click on “Duplicate” to see the same image on both screens.

            -->  d) Click “Extend” if you would like to have something different on the projector screen than what is displaying on your monitor (two                                    separate images.)

                            **When you do this one, you drag the ladibug window off the right hand side of the computer screen, and once it is moved off of the computer monitor screen, it will appear on the projector screen.  Then you can have something separate up on your actual computer monitor that will not show.  See video below.