TECHNOLOGY 4 Staff
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     Computer Labs on Campus
    Library (82 computers)
    N208 (39 computers)
    B40 (42 computers)
    Career Center (6 computers)
    B41 (42 computers) 
    B38 (39 computers)
    B42 (38 computers) 
    B45 (40 computers)
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    Click here to book a computer lab, library tables, or the Little Theater... 
    com sen
     Digital Citizenship
    Done each year • Opens up access on internet • Teaches digital responsibility 


    Upload sub plans to your sub!
     Saturday School Attendance
    Directions coming soon!

    Scanning Benchmark Exams

    More Free Tech 4 Teachers Links
    free resources shared daily for all types of tech
    Games where students follow clues and solve puzzles to unlock a prize
    Annotate, bookmark, highlight, and sticky-note online resources. Then, have students email them to you!
    Schedule meetings with multiple people! 
     Communicate with your students and parents with these simple instructions! 
    Like Kahoot, but students can take their time (not a competition). 
    Free software for screencasts (record yourself teaching)!
    Mrs. Hurd's sample: Online Discipline Process
    Where Mrs. Hurd found it: Tools for creating screencasts
    Invite yourself to your own meeting and use this online video conferencing tool to connect your Surface to your computer! 
    If you utilize Kahoot in your classroom, students will be able to access it using their mobile device while on the Guest Wifi network (no more need for kids to use their own data!). They will have to type https://kahoot.it/ directly into their prefered internet browser. The website is not blocked via this route, but If they try to type Kahoot into a search engine, it may come up as a restricted website