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    Recommended Classroom Supplies For

    Mrs. Owens and Ms. Reilly’s 6th Grade Classrooms

    This is a supply list that extends the entire year.  There are many sales currently going on, so we suggest you take advantage.

    Please have your child come to school every day with the following supplies; they will need to have all of them by the second week of school:

    • Backpack
    • Scissors
    • Pencils –and large eraser or multiple pencil top erasers
    • Small personal pencil sharpener or extra leads
    • Small stapler
    • Expo markers 2-4 and eraser
    • Flash Drive – preferably 4.0 GB or higher (optional, yet very handy!)
    • Lined paper - college ruled, 3 hole punched-3 packs will last the year
    • Highlighters (three different colors: green, yellow, pink, blue are recommended)-Reilly only
    • At LEAST 8 Glue sticks (WE USE A LOT OF THESE!!!)
    • 1 -2 Packages of Colored Pencils (These get used A LOT!)
    • 3 Fine point Sharpies
    • 3 Regular tip Sharpies
    • Clorox wipes-One from each student will last us the year to help keep the desks sanitary!
    • Boxes of tissues

    Make sure your child also has the following items at home:

    ·       Notebook Paper – wide or college ruled

    ·       Extra pencils, etc…

    ·       Stapler

    ·       Ream of white printer paper (any brand is fine)

    ·       And you might want to look into getting an extra ink cartridge for you home printer…they run out at the most inconvenient times! J



    • - One from each student will also help us last through the year!



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Last Modified on July 18, 2017