• Classroom Habits

    1. Be Proactive
    2. Begin With the End In Mind
    3. First Things First
    4. Win-Win
    5. Seek First to Understand
    6. Synergize
    7. Sharpen the Saw


    Weekly Report

    We will use a card chart to reinforce both positive and negative behavior. In order to maintain an excellent learning environment it is important that all students follow directions and behave appropriately while at school. You will be kept informed of your child's behavior through a "Weekly Report" that will be sent home on a daily basis. Please do not remove the Weekly Report from your child's folder until the end of the week.

    Card Chart:
    Pink Card- Excellent Day, earn $5 Barton Bucks and a Bear Hug
    Light Blue Card- Super Job, earn $3 Barton Bucks
    Green Card- Great Day, earn $2 Barton Bucks
    No Card- Good Day, earn $1 Barton Buck
    Yellow Card- Warning, pay $1 Barton Buck
    Dark Blue Card- Miss Recess, pay $2 Barton Bucks
    Peach Card- Citation or Referral, Pay $5 Barton Bucks


    Positive Rewards

    1. Bear Hugs
    2. Barton Bucks
    3. Monthly Auctions
    4. Lunch with the Teacher
    5. Awards
    6. Pizza with the Principal
    6. Table Points



    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Miss a Recess/Reflection Room
    3. Note home
    4. Citation/Referral


    Restroom Procedures

    Students are given "Restroom Tickets" each month in addition to the recess breaks that we have throughout the school day. Any tickets that are not used at the end of the month are cashed in for Barton Bucks or a special treat/prize.


    Early Dismissal

    Each Wednesday (with exception of the first Wednesday of school) students will be dismissed at 12:58 in the afternoon. Early dismissal provides each grade level with "Professional collaboration Time" allowing teachers to collaborate on student achievement.



    Visitors- If you are ever on campus for any reason other than dropping off or picking up a student, you must sign in through the front office and wear a visitor's badge at all times. This helps to ensure safety on our campus.

    Volunteers- All approved volunteers will need to fill out a volunteer application through the office. Please let me know if you are available to help once a week in the mornings. I will be happy to arrange a day and time that works for you!


    Spirit Days

    Every Friday students can wear a Clara Barton shirt or school colors to show their school spirit! Students wearing spirit wear will be given a spirit ticket to redeem at the spirit store. As part of the focus on college and career readiness, students may also wear college shirts on Monday to receive a spirit ticket. Keep your eyes out for special spirit days throughout the school year led by Clara Barton's student council!



    Students will be recognized in the classroom on their birthday. Students will be given special materials to use for the duration of the school day. School policy does not allow any food items to be brought into the classrooms for birthdays. You are welcome to send in goody bags that can be sent home with the students at the end of the school day.