• Math:

    7-1 Division a Sharing

    7-2 Division as Repeated Subtraction

    7-3 Finding Missing Numbers ina Multiplication Table

    7-4 Choose an Appropriate Equation

    7-5 Writing Division Stories

    7-6 Use Objects and Draw a Picture

    Test- Thursday December 7th

    8-1 Relating Multiplication and Division

    8-2 Fact Families with 2,3,4, and 5

    8-3 Fact Families with 6 and 7

    8-4 Fact Families with 8 and 9

    8-5 Multiple-Step Problems

    8-6 Making Sense of Multiplication and Division Equations

    8-7 Dividing with 0 and 1

    8-8 Multiplication and Division Facts

    8-9 Draw a Picture and Write a Number Sentence


    Language Arts:
    Unit 4:  Comparing Points of View
    Student Text: 
    Week 1- Cinderella's Very Bad Day, Cinderella, Too Much for Words, Cap o' Rushes (Folktale)
    Week 2- Jack and the Beanstalk, The Giant's Complaint
    Week 3- The True Jack?, The Beanstalk Experiment
    Comprehension Skill: 
    Identify and Summarize Key Events
    Identify Narrator's Point of View
    Distinguish Literal from Nonliteral Language: Hyperboles, Idioms
    Compare and Contrast Point of View in Stories and Drama
    Distinguish Reader's Point of View from That of a Narrator
    Analyze the Effect of Nonliteral Language on Point of View
    Analzye How Illustrations Affect Mood and Reader's Point of View
    Word Study  
    Open Syllable Pattern
    Consonant -le Syllable Pattern
    Vowel Team Syllable Pattern
    Form and Use Possessives
    Form and Use the Comparative and Superlative
    Informational- Animal Adaptations
    Science: Solar System
    Leader in Me:
    Habit 1- Be Proactive
    Habit 2- Begin With the End in Mind
    Habit 3- Put First Things First
    Habit 4- Think Win-Win
    Habit 5 - Seek First to Understand Then to be Understood
    Habit 6- Synergize
    Habit 7- Sharpen the Saw