• School Supplies

    The following are items that our students will be using in our classroom. Please keep in mind that these items are needed by the whole class, not just your child individually. Please use this list as a guideline. Thank you for your donations for our students!

     · 2 Composition books (no spiral bound notebooks)

    · 2 Packs of sharpened pencils

    · 1 pack of Black Expo Markers

    · 1 Container of Lysol or Clorox wipes

    · 1 Bottle of hand sanitizer (girls only)

    · Quart sized baggies (boys only)

    · 1 Box of Kleenex

    · White board eraser (Sock or Washcloth)

    · 2 Packs of glue sticks

    · Pair of scissors

    · 1 pencil box

    · 2 Highlighters

    · Ear buds

    · Hand held pencil sharpener

    Optional items needed for class:

    · Colored copy paper

    · Cardstock

    · Treasure chest items

    · Twistable colored pencils and/or markers

    · Bag of cotton balls