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    What is A.R.?

    A.R. stands for Accelerated Reader. Accelerated Reader is a reading program designed to track independent reading in the classroom and help increase a student's motivation to read.

    What do I need to know about A.R.?

    Students will start the program by taking a reading test called the STAR test. The student will then be assigned to a reading range based on their performance on the STAR test. The reading range is simply a range of books that your child will be reading based on their reading abilities. Please keep in mind that reading ranges will change as progress is made. Each student will be given a point goal for the entire year that is based on reading 60 minutes a day in their current reading level. The goal for each student is to reach 100% of their goal by the end of the school year by reading books in their current reading range and passing a computer generated quiz on each book that they've read. Each time your child passes a quiz, they will earn points towards their reading goal!

    What is my role in A.R.?

    Students will have access to A.R. books through both the classroom library and the school's library. While off track, students can also come in to check out a book from the school's library. The computer lab is also available at certain times for students to take A.R. quizzes. In addition to reading each night for homework, encourage any outside reading with your child. Although students will have some classroom time for A.R., it is NOT enough time to reach 100% of their goal (remember that goals are based on 60 minutes a day).

    Does my child have to participate in A.R.?

    Students are not required to participate in A.R., however there are school and classroom incentives for those who participate. Students will be recognized when they achieve 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of their reading goal. All students who reach 100% of their reading goal by the end of the school year will be invited to a special celebration at the end of the year. Reading is key to success and A.R. is a wonderful program that helps motivate students to read!

    How do I know if a book is an A.R. book?

    The school's website and library contain a list of quizzes for Clara Barton.
    The following libraries carry our A.R. lists:
    Roosevelt High School (Eastvale) (951) 738-2100
    Norco Public Library (Norco) (951) 735-5329
    Corona Public Library (Corona) (951) 736-2381
    Colony Branch Library (Ontario) (909) 930-2929

    Your child may also use the classroom computer during the school day to check if a book is A.R.

    Directions for EASY Library Checkout

    Go to www.cnusd.k12.ca.us
    Click on Schools
    Click on Barton
    Click on Parent Info
    Click on Reading Level and print out the A.R. list for your student
    Click on Riverside Library
    With this you can order up to 20 books from all over the county and have them delivered to the Norco Library for pick up under your name. NO MORE HUNTING FOR BOOKS!!!